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It seems to have become self-evident with climate science issues that you can make any claim regardless of what the data shows, as long as you do not have to release the data. At some point, this will be exposed by someone who will understand the significance of what certain people have done to science.
What is happening to our climate in New Hampshire? This site gives an annual analysis of temperature data from The National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) for the past 114 years. The first year of the analysis was 1895 and the last year was 2009.


The last 114 years - Updated for the year 2009

The NOAA data is complete in that it did not skip any years, we tried to analyze data from other sources but found data files that were corrupt and could not be viewed.
If you look at the graph below the blue line shows the calculated 11 year moving average. No surprises here, it's been warming but it has leveled out and is now declining.
The green line shows 33 year or intermediate term moving average. This shows that the intermediate term average has been fairly steady since about 1970.

New Hampshire Temperature Data 1895 - 2009

So now we go onto the next question, is the warming of the past 114 evenly spread over the year or is it seasonal?
To answer this question we have to look at the monthly trends.



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